Koeh Sia Yong | 许锡勇

Koeh Sia Yong | 许锡勇

Born in 1938, Koeh Sia Yong graduated from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, majoring in Western Painting in 1958. He had since undertaken his exploration in art for over 65 years and today he is one of the most outstanding Singapore artists, known for his unique style and excellent painting techniques. Koeh has successfully held many solo exhibitions. Collectors include institutions, banks, Singapore Art Museum, National Museum of Singapore, Fukuoka Art Museum Japan, universities and art connoisseurs. 


许锡勇 向日葵 100x120cm

许锡勇 峇里妇女 2000 91x70cm

许锡勇 热带情怀 亚洲女郎 1998 91x76cm

许锡勇 女郎 1998 75x50cm

许锡勇 中国少女 2000 61x76cm

许锡勇 静物水果 1992 50x60cm

许锡勇 加拿大美女 1991 61x76cm

许锡勇 岜里双舞女 2006 60x50cm

许锡勇 Goodwood Hotel 1989 92x80cm

许锡勇 梦中的美女 1996 102x76cm

许锡勇 峇里女郎 1986 70x60cm