Nai Swee Leng | 赖瑞龙

赖瑞龙‏ Nai Swee Leng

1946年出生于新加坡。1968年毕业于南洋美术学院,师从范昌乾先生与赵少昂先生,曾先后在国内外举行12个人书画展,并参加历年之墨澜社,啸涛篆刻书画会,中华美术研究会年展,艺术协会年展,义安潮人书画展等。国外联展无数次。现为墨澜社顾问,狮城墨韵顾问,啸涛理事,中国杭州西冷印社社员,台湾国际彩墨画联盟会员,日本墨画会成员, 亚洲新艺成员等。

Born in 1946 in Singapore and graduated from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in Western fine arts. Swee Leng learnt Chinese brush works with Master of Lingdong style the late Mr Fan Chang Qian and Master of Lingnan style the late Professor Chao Shao-An.  Swee Leng has held 12 solo and many group exhibitions in Singapore and abroad and has been recognized in the Asia art realm as a master in Chinese ink paintings of bamboo, birds and flowers.