Ren Jian Hui | 任建辉

任建辉,当代著名画家。出生中国成都,毕业于清华大学美术学院,师承吴冠中教授。2013年被美国,加拿大和意大利著名美术评论家团队评选为《 60位顶尖国际代艺术大师》,是首位获此殊荣的中国画家。曾任教于新加坡国立大学。从2002年至今,担任新加坡美术家协会会长。他独特虚幻美妙的梦境,强烈的个人风格在国际上获得高度的评价,享誉国际。

2018 年荣获《最佳国际艺术大奖》美国纽约

2017 年入选《北京国际美术双年展》中国

2016 年荣获《达芬奇国际环球艺术家大奖》意大利

2015 年受邀参加《伦敦国际当代双年展》,荣获《欧洲联盟艺术评论奖》 (European Confederation of Art Critics Awards) 英国

2015 年受邀参加《佛罗伦萨国际当代双年展》意大利

2014 年入选《世界华人华侨美术书法大展》荣获最佳作品奖 北京

2014 年荣获《世界华人楷模勋章》北京

2013 年被美国,加拿大与意大利著名美术评论家团队在纽约《国际艺术之旅》评选为《 60 位顶尖当代艺术大师》。 油画作品五 幅入选大型画册及视频。与其他世界级大师费尔南多,博特罗(Fernando Botro) 和 Michael Dumas 等著名画家并列 美国纽约

2009 年参加《意大利国际当代双年展》获得特别荣誉奖 意大利

1995 年入选为《中国当代艺术界名人录》获荣誉状 中国北京

1990 年参加首届全国插画大展荣获一等奖 中国北京

1988 年入选美国第一届《中国油画展》美国纽约



Mr. Ren Jianhui, born in ChenDu, China. He graduated from Art Academy of Tsinghua University. His teacher was the Art Master Mr. Wu Guanzhong. In 2013, he was selected as one of the “Top 60 Masters of International Contemporary artists” by Art critic team of the USA, Canada and Italy. He is the first Southeast Asian artist to get this award. Mr. Ren Jianhui used to teach in National University of Singapore. He is the president of Artists Society of Singapore since 2002 and a member of China Artists Association.

After exploring different styles and various media in his artistic career of more than two decades, he has finally settled with his current expressive method. With oil-painting, his emotions can be better expressed with a wider selection of colours and brushstrokes. Through semi-realism, Ren shows a new-found energy in modern oil-painting, which includes the combination of modernity and primitivism. And by his unique methods of processing the paint, he has mastered the optimum way to treat background and foreground separately on canvas, while producing a perfectly complementary effect.


2018 Received the Best International Art Award, New York, U.S.
2017 Been invited to Beijing International Biennale, Beijing, China
2016 Awarded with the “International Prize Leonardo Da Vinci – The Universal Artist”, Italy
2015 Invited to London Biennale and was awarded by the European Confederation of Art Critics, London, U.K.
2015 Invited to participate in Florence Biennale and Barcelona Biennale, Italy
2014 Participated in the Exhibition of Overseas Chinese Painting & Calligraphy and was awarded with Distinction Prize, Beijing, China
2014 Featured in “65 Overseas Chinese Models” Stamp Collection, Beijing, China
2013 Selected in the Top 60 Masters of Contemporary Art by Art Tour International Magazine in New York, judged by a panel of well-known art critics and commentators from USA, Canada and Italy. 5 pieces of oil on canvas were included in the art catalogue and video documentary, New York, U.S.
2009 Honourable Mention for Painting at Biennale of Chiaciano, Italy.
1995 Selected to the authoritative book, Famous Figures of the Contemporary Arts Circles in China, Beijing, China
1990 Awarded with the top prize in the 1st National Illustration Exhibition, Beijing, China
1988 Selected to the authoritative book, Chinese Oil Painting, New York, U.S.



MBS Sky Garden 滨海湾金沙空中花园 84 x 51 cm

City Hall 政府广场 83 x 53 cm

Chinatown 牛车水 84 x 57 cm

Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall 维多利亚剧院及音乐会堂 84 x 57 cm

Peaceful afternoon 午后的阳光 83 x 52 cm

Early Spring 早春 102 x 68 cm

Small Hotel 小旅馆 116 x 84 cm

Ancient water township 水乡 117 x 84 cm

Ancient water township 水乡 84 x 112 cm

Ancient water township 水乡 106 x 82 cm

Keppel Bay 吉宝湾 116 x 83 cm

Gardens by the Bay 滨海湾花园 116 x 83 cm

Holland Village 荷兰村 118 x 84 cm

Sound from Heaven 来自天堂的声音 118 x 84 cm

Lau Pa Sat 老巴刹 116 x 86 cm

Temple at Potala Palace 西藏布达拉宫寺庙 138 x 96 cm

Lake Namco 西藏纳木错湖 134 x 84 cm