Siew Hock Meng | 萧学民

SIEW Hock Meng (b. 1942, Johor, Malaysia) was educated at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts as a student of Cheong Soo Pieng.

Upon graduating, Siew soon realized that he wanted to learn about the meaning of art rather than simply painting techniques. Thus, he began reading extensively about aesthetics and philosophy while working as a rubber tapper. With his esteemed Realist style of painting and drawing, Siew’s body of works is highly regarded for his allegorical paintings, pastel compositions, and oil portraits. Siew’s observant approach could be seen in his thoughtful and contemplative renditions of Singapore’s landscapes, as well as other places he had visited in the region. Siew was awarded the National Day Medal for Fine Arts in 1971, and the award for Visual Arts Creation, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts Alumni Association Singapore in 1981 and 1984.

风景 Scenery 140 x 210 cm 油布 Oil on Canvas 2002

远方的云 Distant Clouds 140 x 210 cm Oil on Canvas 2001

巅A Summit A 48 × 63 cm 粉彩纸板 Pastel on Cardboard 1997

巅B Summit B 48 × 63 cm 粉彩纸板 Pastel on Cardboard 1997

丁香 Cloves 140 x 210cm 油布 Oil on Canvas

农忙时节 The Busy Agricultural Season 110 x 168 cm Oil on Canvas 1996