Qi Hong | 戚弘

戚弘,1963年出生于中国东北。1987年毕业于沈阳鲁迅美术学院,结业于中国中央美术学院壁画高研班,北京大学中国美协主席刘大为硕士研究生,刘大为重点班4人工作室画家。戚弘擅长中国水墨画、油画、壁画,造诣极深,笔法入神。尤擅长画马,他的水墨马已形成独到的风格。2011年创作的神马系列作品首次在新加坡隆重展出,其中作品《龙马精神》、《一马当先》被收藏家收藏。2012年,他受邀于新加坡法国文化艺术中心展出,得到了各界人士的关注。2013年1月,参加于北京举行的第五届亚洲艺术博览会,《腾—天之御》作品以及与新加坡著名雕塑家蔡汶家合作的水墨雕塑得到了高度的赞誉。4月参加 《时代观照》——第七届AAC艺术中国年度影响力六个城市巡回展。6月在新加坡现场创作的14.2 x 7.3米的作品《龙马精神》创造了新加坡最大纪录。9月作为唯一的中国画家应邀在滨海花园举办2013新加坡《总统挑战》慈善基金之《马上戚弘水墨画展》,所得善款全部捐献2013年度《总统挑战》慈善活动指定的55家慈善团体。

Qi Hong was born in 1963, Liaoning Province, China. He graduated from the Shenyang Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts and pursued further studies in the China Central Academy of Fine Arts in 1987. He has been selected as a Masters student at the “Liu Dawei Master Studio for Chinese Painting”, School of Arts at Peking University, in 2013. He is highly skilled in Chinese ink, oil and mural paintings; and specialized in painting horses in Chinese ink. His new series of horse paintings “Galloping Against the Skyline” were introduced in Singapore and specially acquired by collectors in 2011. He was invited to a solo exhibition of the new series at the SOCIETE GENERALE Gallery at Alliance Française de Singapour in 2012. He represented Singapore’s Nanyang Arts House at the 5th Asia Art Expo in Beijing, in January 2013 and received high praises for his “Galloping Against the Skyline” series and the collaborative Chinese ink-horse sculptures with famous Singapore sculptor Chua Boon Kee. He participated in “The Wisdom of The Era” – Exhibition Tour of “The 7th Award of Art China” in major cities in China, from April to July 2013. His on-the-spot Chinese ink painting “Horse” (The Vigour of Horse), measuring 14.2 x 7.3 metre set the new record in the Singapore Book of Records for the Largest Chinese Brush Painting at Bras Basah Complex on 13 June 2013. In September 2013, he is the only Chinese artist invited to hold the “Singapore President’s Challenge 2013: A Galloping Horse - Qi Hong Ink Paintings Exhibition” at Gardens by the Bay, in benefit of the 55 charities selected by the President’s Office.






风入四蹄轻 彩墨纸本 136 x 68 cm

天马自行空 彩墨纸本 136 x 68 cm

龙马行 彩墨纸本 136 x 68 cm

千里骥 彩墨纸本 52 x 36 cm

龙马精神 彩墨纸本 68 x 68 cm

俊马图 彩墨纸本 35 x 140 cm

踏遍青山 彩墨纸本 35 x 140 cm

仙侣 彩墨纸本 35 x 140 cm

龙马精神 彩墨纸本 35 x 140 cm

战马 彩墨纸本 68 x 68 cm

战马2 彩墨纸本 68 x 68 cm

神马 彩墨纸本 50 x 50 cm

神马 彩墨纸本 68 x 68 cm

王者之风 彩墨纸本 50 x 50 cm

神马一匹 彩墨纸本 36 x 48 cm