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林龙成 ‏Lim Leong Seng

字鹤丹,号园丁、园翁,1907年出生于广东揭阳,毕业于前上海艺术专业学院。师从王一亭、诸闻韵 、王个簃、潘天寿等人,擅长国画,尤善花鸟。1937年至1945年之间任教于香港华南中学,普宁县立师范,揭阳师范学校。1956年在新加坡中华总商会举行个展,任教于新加坡中正总校及黄埔中学直至1968年退休。他的作品曾获国画大师张大千的赞赏。许多本地著名画家也都是他的门生,包括已故新加坡文化奖得主蔡逸溪和著名画家林家雄。1987年去世,享年80岁。

Born in 1907 in Jieyang, Guangdong province, China. Graduated from former Shanghai Art College. studying under the masters Wang Geyi, Wang Yiting, Pan Tianshou and others, who were disciples of Wu Changshuo, the renowned master of the Shanghai School of Painting. Guided by his philosophical approach towards life and art, Fan’s work navigates a profound connection between self-expression, nature and the literary tradition in which he belongs to–and as a result, his work is a masterful combination of allegory and art, executed by bold yet sensitive strokes. His favourite subjects of bamboo and orchids are often depicted to express the values that he identifies with – the bamboo stood for fine gentlemanly qualities such as humility and integrity while the orchid emits elegant fragrance and embodies refinement and goodness.

N05 流水闲钓 | Fishing on A Fine Day (1984) 70x35cm

流水闲钓 | Fishing on A Fine Day



Fishing on A Fine Day

Cliffs and peaks intertwine with each other,

Idealistic longings remain steadfast ever.

Meandering rivers and streams flowing unceasingly,

A good day to take the boat out fishing delightfully.