Art Space

Ming Liu Gallery: A Legacy of Growth, Now with a New Chapter!

For over a decade, Ming Liu Art has proudly served as a pillar of Singapore’s vibrant art scene. Over 20 successful solo and group exhibitions, many featured by renowned media like SPH Zaobao, stand testament to our commitment to artistic excellence. Collaborations with esteemed institutions like the National Art Council further solidify our standing as a respected and influential force, actively fostering local talents and cultural exchange within Southeast Asia and Greater China.

Our journey continues with an exciting new chapter! We’ve moved to a stunning new location at 100 Orchard Road, Concorde Hotel Singapore, featuring a beautifully renovated nearly 1500 sqft gallery space.

This exciting transformation allows us to do even more! In addition to continuing to host captivating exhibitions, our venue is now available for rent.


  • Showcasing your art or photography in a professional gallery setting, steeped in artistic legacy and progress.
  • Launching your product amidst the inspiring backdrop of artistic growth.
  • Hosting a private event in a unique and sophisticated space, resonating with the history and influence of Ming Liu Art.

Ming Liu Art remains your partner in bringing your artistic vision to life. Contact us today to explore the possibilities and be part of our evolving story!


十余年来,名流画廊一直是新加坡充满活力的艺术界的重要支柱。 我们举办了 20 多场成功的个人和团体展览,其中许多展览都得到了《联合早报》等知名媒体的报道。与国家艺术理事会等知名机构的合作进一步巩固了我们在艺术界备受尊重和影响力者的地位,积极培养本地人才,并促进东南亚和大中华区之间的文化交流。

我们的旅程将以激动人心的新篇章开启! 我们搬到了一个令人惊叹的新场地——乌节路 100 号的新加坡凯煌酒店,并拥有了面积近 1500 平方英尺的华丽艺术空间。

这一令人兴奋的变革使我们能够做得更多! 除了继续举办引人入胜的展览之外,我们的场地现在还可以出租。


  • 在专业画廊环境中展示您的艺术作品或摄影作品,在艺术的殿堂中闪耀您的才华。
  • 在充满艺术气息的背景下发布您的产品,为您的品牌注入独特的文化底蕴。
  • 举办一场别具一格的私人活动,在艺术的氛围中留下难忘的回忆。

名流画廊始终是您将艺术愿景变为现实的合作伙伴。 立即联系我们,一起发掘更多可能性,融入我们不断演变的故事吧!